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‘Forbidden Planet’ – Response to George Monbiot

December 4, 2012

Dear George

I agree with everything you say in your post Forbidden Planet 3 Dec2012, especially when you write, “In other words, the struggle against climate change – and all the crises which now beset both human beings and the natural world – cannot be won without a wider political fight: a democratic mobilisation against plutocracy.” I will certainly support your petition to reform campaign finance but have no great expectations that it will achieve anything. ‘They’ have survived much worse. Why should ‘they’ take a blind bit of notice of such a petition. Just think how they dealt with the Alternative Vote referendum for example.


One way ahead is to destroy trust in neoliberal economics. Too many people accept its claims without thought. Obviously ‘leading’ politicians and those people and corporations interested only in increasing their wealth will support it as it serves their interests, but how many others go along with this fairy story through mental laziness or cowardice?


Neoliberal economics is not a science; it is more like the Roman Catholic Church at the time of Galileo. Should we get the Royal Society to organise a debate on whether economics as a whole deserves to be classed as a science?


How can we embarrass all those university lecturers who spout neoliberal economic theory uncritically as an absolute truth?


Hardly anyone reads this blog. Can you George, please, put out a message asking for ideas on this?

  1. Great explanation of why governments can’t act substantively on climate change or other global issues.

    Big implications for global justice and how we get change!

  2. For more on how to get nations to co-operate rather than engage in destructive competition go to:

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