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Beware of Windows 8

September 10, 2013

Anyone using Windows 8 who stores personal or other sensitive data on their computer does so at their peril, due to a back door built into the computer put there by Microsoft. The German Federal Government has warned agencies at federal and Land level NOT to use Windows 8, see: and–links-the-nsa-2013-8.

An unconfirmed rumour emanating from the USA suggests that the NSA sells personal data, so obtained, to criminal gangs to help fund ‘black ops.’ by associated agencies. The same source suggests that the NSA is monitoring anti fracking campaigners on both side of the pond – though why they bother as such groups freely communicate via Facebook I cannot imagine. I cannot confirm this as my source is no longer contactable.

The trouble is that we are between a rock and a hard place. You can move to MACs which cost substantially more and the hardware quality is now pretty crap – certainly with laptops; you can buy a windows 7 machine if you can find one – and windows 7 will not be supported for much longer; you can try to install Linux on a windows 8 machine, but if you make a mistake it will fry the motherboard. Or you can pay over the odds for a machine with Linux preloaded and I think blocks the back door.

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