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STV or surrender

September 22, 2013

Those who believe that the Electoral Reform Society should pursue wider objectives than the Single Transferable Vote (STV) have totally failed to recognize the situation we are in. None of the three main parties in parliament is really interested in the plight of the 99%, let alone the threats posed by climate change, over population, and sundry other threats to civilization. Instead they are beholden to the 1% who are their paymasters, control most of the media (hence controlling most people’s perception of reality), and by their lobbying control politicians’ perception of reality. The very existence of party discipline helps the 1% to retain control.

In this situation party proportionality on its own is increasingly irrelevant. Voter choice, by allowing us to elect MPs who are beholden to us rather than the party machine, is an essential element of a democratic voting system. Without it we are surrendering to the 1% and dramatically increasing inequality. Only STV delivers this.


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