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What the BBC doesn’t tell you ..latest

January 2, 2014

Update 2 Jan 2014

More important than all its failings below, the BBC has totally failed to cover the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership currently being negotiated in secret between the US Dept of Trade and the European Commission.  This has nothing to do with mutual advantage and little to do with whether the American people or Europeans will do best, but everything to do with mega corporations screwing all of us. The most worrying feature is investor State dispute settlement, whereby secret courts packed by corporate lawyers operating outside any national jurisdiction decide our fate. If this is not killed democracy is.

BBC’s failure to cover this is a crime against humanity.

Update 6 September 2013

Now we know WHY the BBC is so biased, see:

Update 20 August

Police thugs smash all Guardian’s hard drives, and misuse ‘terrorism’ powers.

Update 18 August:

BBC are not covering zero hours contracts. Channel 4 is; so much for Public Service Broadcasters.

Some print media are sensationalist, biased and inaccurate. This is well known. But we might expect the BBC our only public service broadcaster which we have to pay for via our licence fee should be unbiased but it is not. This bias is more subtle. The BBC does not lie directly but it is selective in what it covers, tending to avoid things the government would rather you did not know; and when they do cover such issues, often you get one side  of the story.

This post will be updated as examples come in.

1. The perception that increasing inequality is fair and inevitable is based on neoclassical ‘orthodox’ doctrine for which there is no supporting evidence.

2. The major cause of the banking crisis is that governments from the Thatcher government onwards have not attempted to control the level of private debt as was being successfully done between 1944 and the 1970s.

3. BBC goes on and on about Salford, but what about the NHS blood transfusion service being handed to Mitt Romney?

4. Duchy of Cornwall’s tax affairs covered on Channel 4 Dispatches programme, 1st July 2013, “The Prince and his Secret Properties”, but not on the BBC

5. BBC’s Horizon programme  on FRACKING on 20 June – presenter Prof. Ian Stewart was supposed to be unbiassed in that the question he left hanging – Just because we can, does it mean we should? But there are very serious concerns as illustrated by the movie ‘Gasland’. The technique is highly controversial; one third of government ministers have a financial interest. Not to mention this is hardly unbiassed.

More on Fracking not covered on BBC:

Water firms raise fears over shale gas fracking 19 July

Article on tax incentives for fracking Radio 4  1pm 19 July, typical weak BBC interview, nothing on climate change and no challenge to Mr Fallon’s incorrect statement that fracking has not polluted groundwater anywhere in the world!

6. According to Israeli born musician Gilad Atzmon, the BBC tried to censor conductor Nigel Kennedy’s remarks when introducing palestinian artists:

“The BBC was reportedly set to cut out remarks about apartheid in Israel made by world famous violinist  Nigel Kennedy two weeks ago at the Proms Music Festival.

Would the BBC leave Kennedy’s comment in, no one would have noticed it. But now, we are all paying attention to Kennedy’s observation.  But we also learn a crucial lesson about Jewish power in Britain in general and within the BBC in particular!

‘Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a bit facile to say it but we all know from experiencing this night of music  that giving equality and getting rid of apartheid means there’s a chance for amazing things to happen,’ Nigel Kennedy said while introducing artists from the Palestine Strings at the Proms music festival two weeks ago.

And I wonder, what could lead the BBC to remove such a beautiful a humanist and universalist statement?”

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