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TTIP – Can the Queen Do anything?

May 15, 2015

If TTIP goes through Britain will no longer in any real sense be a sovereign nation. Does the Queen have to passively preside over this? As things stand the decision for Britain to ratify is made by Order in Council. Ministers ask; the Queen to approve; by convention she always says ‘Yes’. It would of course be unacceptable for her to say ‘no I don’t want TTIP at any price’; but what if she said, ‘This is such an important decision that I decline to give you an answer on this or any other trade treaty until my parliament has given its verdict’ ? She would have to announce this publicly before the government had time to spin it or censor it, but it could be done.

This in itself would not stop TTIP but it would alert all those who have ignored the issue so far.

From → Democracy, Trade law

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