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Does the Queen Love Her Subjects? – Update 10 Sept

September 10, 2015

I have heard from the Palace. Not only can the Queen not consider my request but my letter is being sent to the Foreign Secretary without consulting me. I regard this is as a gross breach of trust and now believe that the monarchy needs to be abolished as soon as possible.


Opinions of the British monarchy are now somewhat mixed, but the Queen enjoys the respect of many of her subjects. The monarchy has re-invented itself before; I think it is now time for the monarch to become the ‘defender of democracy’ (‘populi potestatis defensor’). While it is no longer appropriate for the monarch to be partisan, I see no reason why the Queen cannot speak out in favour of democracy. British (and Canadian and Australian) Prime Ministers have far too much power. There are too many decisions that ministers make in the Queen’s name without Parliament getting a look in. Of especial concern at present are the massive trade treaties being negotiated in secrecy through the European Union. Member states will have the opportunities of ratifying the treaties (or not as they choose). In most members states the parliament has to approve. This is not the case in Britain. I have therefore written to the Queen (see below). If she will not speak out, why should we keep the monarchy?


Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

2 September 2015


The Ratification of Treaties

In his remarks in the run up to September 9th, Dr David Starkey refers not only to your “”record of unimpeachable integrity and simply keeping going”, but also your lack of power. I cannot help but thinking that he, along with many others, underestimates your potential influence for good. Such influence has of course to be non partisan. The normal way of ensuring this is to act on the advice of the Prime Minister, someone you appoint as being the person most likely to command the support of the House of Commons. However I believe that there is one area in which a Prime Minister’s advice should not be trusted and that is the extent of his or her executive powers People who seek such positions will never willingly agree to limits to their powers.

Each year you approve a great many Orders in Council, the majority of which are of relatively little significance. There are two areas of much greater significance, deployment of the Armed Forces and ratification of treaties. Although there will be occasions on which the Armed Forces may have to be deployed without delay, Parliament has now insisted on having some say in such decisions. It has not however done so over treaties. This seems odd to me and to reflect very poorly on the integrity of most Members of Parliament. Treaties currently under negotiation such as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are likely to have more influence for good or ill on life in Britain than half a dozen Acts of Parliament concerned with merely domestic matters. It seems to me inexcusable that Parliament has so far failed to insist on its right to decide whether they should be ratified. Although the mainstream media have signally failed to cover the issues properly, many people believe that the destructive consequences of such agreements would dwarf the alleged economic benefits.

It would of course be impossible for you to say that the UK should not ratify TTIP, but I do suggest that you could ask that Parliament pass its judgement before you approve. Hopefully this would shame MPs into doing their duty to their constituents. It might be argued that in saying that you would be partisan. I dispute this; it was Mr Brown’s government that last reviewed the working of the Royal Prerogative and made no significant change in how treaties should be ratified.

‘I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty’s humble and obedient servant’.

David H Smith

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