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Trident and Trump

July 28, 2016

In the House of Commons debate on Trident on 18 July little if anything was said about the implications of the fact that the missiles are manufactured and maintained in the USA. It may be of relevance that Donald Trump is likely to be the next president of the USA and has been making many isolationist utterances. What implications does that have for the so called ‘independence’ of Trident as a deterrent?

Why do I think Trump will win? Two living in my household have lived in the USA and are keen students of US politics. In one large poll Trump was 7 points ahead of Clinton in the polls, though the picture is complex. Although Berny Sanders,  having lost to Clinton (in rather dubious circumstances), then endorsed her, his supporters were not so magnanimous. Many have sworn to vote for Trump rather than Clinton. Green leader Jill Stein has offered Sanders her nomination. If he accepts it will split the Democrat vote. Even if not many Sanders supporters will vote Green.

Clinton is pro TPP; Trump is against it. Clinton is mired in controversy. Trump is winning hearts and minds.

Interesting times indeed.


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