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Will the next President be Impeached? The case for Instant Run Off Voting

October 13, 2016

Assuming Brexit happens, Britain really needs to worry about its relationship with the USA. Neither of the presidential candidates inspires confidence.

On the one hand we have Donald Trump who says what he thinks voters want to hear, (see ). He has criminal associates and is a  P T Barnum. He has some crazy (somewhat isolationist) ideas, but would have no real prospect of realising any of them. He has no clue about how government works.

On the other hand we have Clinton who thinks about nothing but Clinton. To maintain the support of the arms lobby she is a war monger, and is also a general sleazeball. She understands the system and could lead us into WW3.

It seems to me that the Republicans have plenty of motive to impeach whichever of them becomes president – Clinton because she is dangerous and is a Democrat – Trump because he would be a lame duck president and would bring the Grand Old Party into disrepute. As for the grounds for impeachment, they both have skeletons in their cupboard.

Either way we cannot expect much positive leadership from the USA in the next four years.

As in Britain our first past the post voting system does not work for the people. If there had been Instant Run Off Voting, Bernie Sanders could have stood as an independent rather than feeling he had to support Clinton. On the Republican side too there would surely have been better candidates. Even Green candidate  Jill Stein would have attracted the support she deserves.

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