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Forget Prosperity, Humanity, or Security – It’s Power They Crave

April 11, 2017

If people find today’s politics confusing, it may be because they fail to realise that the further up the greasy pole politicians rise the more they crave power for its own sake. If they affect to work for prosperity, humanity or security, that becomes just a pretext. This love of power outstrips even their personal greed. The love of power is a symptom of what Christians rightly call the Great Sin, namely Pride or self conceit. But whereas greed may lead to criminal behaviour, Pride remains unpunished for far too long.

While this is a problem for any country or regime it is disastrous for Britain with its almost unique form of pseudo democracy, one in which the Prime Minister has virtually unlimited power – until that is his or her rivals feel strong enough to stab him in the back.

Britain enjoys both an uncodified constitution and the highly defective First Past the Post voting system, in which the majority of MPs owe their seats to the party rather than voters. This means that they put loyalty to party ahead of loyalty to their constituents or to the good of their country. That is what makes the prime minister so powerful and so corrupt. Any more proportional system would help MPs  to take some notice of voters. Single Transferable Vote where you can choose between candidates of the same party would be much better.

There are many useful reforms that could be made to the working of parliament. None of them have any chance whilist we keep First Past the Post. All MPs who adhere to the ‘settled view’ that we keep First Past the Post are the true enemies of the people; our judges are not.

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