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Has Cummings Killed Populism in the UK?

May 27, 2020

When the Queen appointed Boris Johnson to lead a minority government he claimed to be the voice of the people – unlike Parliament. Since then government have taken several steps to limit the ability of Parliament to hold it to account, the latest of which was to end the virtual Parliament which seemed to be working well.

He might have been excused if his plans for finally exiting the EU had shown any signs of being less than disastrous, and if the government had been handling the Covid19 emergency consistently and competently. Instead we have a political adviser, who is suspected of pulling the strings, behaving unacceptably, and unlike an elected politician, made no attempt to hide his contempt for everyone else. On Monday Richard Murphy speculated that not only will this bring down Dom, Boris or both, but would kill of populism, .

The obvious thing for Boris to have done is to sack Dom, but for what ever reason he feels unable to do so, so Boris may have to go. What happens if he simply resigns without a replacement/ What would the Queen do?

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